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For anyone looking to understand the South African property market or retail landscape, Lightstone Property has a range of data and insight offerings to align with your objectives.

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Property Market Assessments

As a leading provider of property data, Lightstone is well-equipped to conduct property market analyses across different market segments. Whether you are a bank, lender, insurer, property professional, retailer or telecommunications professional, understanding the precise nature of properties in a specific area can better inform your business strategy.

Feasibility Studies

Lightstone is the first choice for developers, franchisees and investors for retail and business information, property data and insights on consumer spending habits and movement. Our team of experienced and specialist researchers bring you independent, unbiased insights, equipping you to assess the feasibility of properties and make informed decisions.

Analytical and Consulting Services

Lightstone’s team of highly skilled property statisticians supported by industry experts can support you with data-driven insights and analytics, no matter how complex your business needs are.


Accurately understanding property location enables you to extract more value out of your risk, market potential, client book and portfolio analyses. Lightstone’s geocoder is a sophisticated engine that easily manages large database requests and can provide geocoordinates even where insufficient data is available for an ERF-level geocode.

Location Mapping toolbox

Do you want a better understanding of your business catchment area? Lightstone’s easy-to-use Geographic Information System (GIS) gives you insights around existing and potential customer movements with access to powerful datasets, visualisations and tools.

Consumer Segmentation

As a retail, marketing or financial services decisionmaker you need to know your customers and know how to segment and reach potential customers. Kaleidoscope Demographic Segmentation helps you profile your customers and target your marketing efforts.

Town Characterisation

If you operate in retail, general commerce or the property sector, Lightstone’s Town Characterisation can help you understand the type of opportunities a town provides, the town’s population and demographics and the potential growth, stagnation or decline of a town within different segments.

Retail and Telco Network Analysis

Do you want to understand the performance of your stores? Lightstone works with retail groups and franchisors to identify the current and potential footprint to help you identify revenue growth and efficiency opportunities.

Office Relocation Impact Assessments

Knowing how key employees will be impacted by an office or warehouse relocation can help you decide on the most optimal location for your business. A Lightstone Office Relocation Impact Assessment will help you make an informed decision on a new location.

Malls and Stores

Get access to location and market insights through Lightstone’s extensive proprietary Malls and Stores database – covering a large footprint of geospatially represented malls, stores and brands across South Africa.

Mall and Store Surveys

Mall and Store Surveys can strengthen studies of mall dynamics, retail feasibilities and other area-based assessments. These surveys give you a view on customer perception, shoppers’ preferences and the effectiveness and impact of your marketing efforts.

Analysis and Modelling of Data

Do you need insights that will help answer a specific business challenge? From helping you identify strategic growth areas and optimal merchandising for your stores to analysis for optimal new locations.

Bespoke Solutions

Lightstone’s team of statistical experts can develop bespoke solutions to help you solve business problems, identify opportunities and help you make more informed decisions.

Population Demographics

Do you need rich data to inform retail and demand studies? DemProKey builds on data from StatsSa by applying Lightstone property data and can be combined with your own data points to give you a tailored view of national population figures.

Daytime Population

Where people live versus where they move during the day can often be very different. Knowing where your potential customers move during the day is key to ensuring maximum reach. Lightstone’s location intelligence helps you better understand and serve your customers.

Movement Dynamics

Do you want a better understanding of your consumer base? Lightstone’s mobility information gives you a complete overview of movement in key areas – from trending traffic to shopping behaviours and patterns.

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