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Property Solutions | Lightstone Property

Lightstone's Property Solutions are designed to meet the information, analytic and system requirements of property professionals, financial institutions and individual buyers and sellers. 

Lightstone's Property Solutions include:

For Property Professionals:  

The Property Information Toolkit is the ideal solution for property professionals such as estate agents, developers, property valuers and investors who require property related information on a regular basis.  The Property Information Toolkit offers comprehensive access to a range of property related reports on a monthly subscription basis. 
> Read more about the Property Information Toolkit for Property Professionals. 

For Lenders

Lightstone has established itself as the leading provider of residential property information for financial institutions in South Africa.  Based on an in-depth understanding of the drivers of value for lenders and insurers, Lightstone has developed a range of online and offline property information solutions.  These solutions enable Lightstone's clients to assess market potential, analyse competitor performance, assess property risk, value individual properties and improve the efficiency and accuracy of their lending decisions. > Read more about Property Risk Assessment Services for Lenders. 

For Property Owners and Buyers: 

Lightstone offers owners and buyers of property a range of Online Property Reports on a pay per report basis, which assist in understanding property value, suburb profiles and other property related information. These reports are ideal for homeowners, investors and developers for their various property information needs.
> Read more about the Online Property Reports available. 

Click the link below to visit the Lightstone Desktop Valuation website, or contact us should you need any further information about Lightstone’s property solutions.