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("Subscriber") apply for the following services ("Services") provided by LIGHTSTONE on the terms and conditions and at the fees set out below:
Subscription Start Date: 2016/07/01
Choose your package:
R 330
("Subscription Fee")
R 660
("Subscription Fee")

Please note:
  • Reports generated in excess of the inclusive bundle per month are charged at R6.00 per report.
  • Both the standard and super-user packages are payable via a monthly debit order.
  • All prices exclude VAT and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The Market View Report will be available to all our users for free until (Date: 2016/06/01), thereafter a billing structure will be applied.
Property Report Town Report Owners In Complex Report
Transfers Report Estate Report Owners In Street Report
Suburb Report Sectional Scheme Report Map My Area
Automated Valuation Report (R 70.00 per report)
Quick Valuation (R 15.00 per report)
Live Deeds Search
Name or Property Successful (R 14.50 per search)
Name or Property Unsuccessful (R 12.40 per search)
Document (R 80.00 per report)
Trust Successful (R 10.00 per report)
Trust Unsuccessful (R 5.00 per report)
Advanced Transfer Report
51-200 rows(R 15.00 per report)
201-500 rows(R 30.00 per report)
EzContact Report (R 4.50 per report)
Dracore EzContact Report (R 4.50 per report)
Bulk EzContact Report (R 4.50 per successful record)
EzScore Report (R 10.00 per report)
Market View Report (R 0.00 per report)
CIPC Report (R 10.00 per report)
Surveyor General Diagrams (R 0.00 per page)
Complexes In a Suburb Report (R 80.00 per report)
Property Risk Report (R 65.00 per report)
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I , authorize LIGHTSTONE to withdraw from the account set out above the subscription fee and transactional usage fee (collectively, the "Monthly Amount") in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set out below which will be deducted on the first day of every calendar month. LIGHTSTONE will terminate the subscription on 20 business days' written notice by the Subscriber. The Subscriber warrants that the Subscriber is authorized to provide this authorization and indemnifies LIGHTSTONE against any loss LIGHTSTONE should suffer should the Subscriber not be so authorised.
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Terms and Conditions Authorisation for EzScore

By selecting the appropriate radio button above and clicking the submit button, the user warrants that he is duly authorised to do so and, to the extent that he is providing consent on behalf of a company or another user, similarly warrants that he is authorised to do so.
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